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Black Mirror Season 1 download torrent Production years : 2011
Quality: BluRay
IMDb: 8.9/10

Achieve the edge of reality where everything reflected isn't reality: a world where a Prime Minister is pushed to influence a definitive open self-to forfeit to spare a princess being held detainee by a fear based oppressor gathering, a reality where society is controlled by individuals accelerating bicycles and the main any desire for escape is unscripted television, or a world were everybody's recollections are recorded and can be replayed and considered. The truth is dangerous… reflections are all around. 

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Drama | Views: 416 | Downloads: 46 | Date: 2018-04-28

Humans Season 3 download torrent Production years : 2018
Quality: N/A
IMDb: 8.0/10

In a cutting edge world that looks much like our own, worried Humans are depending increasingly on "synths, " human-like robots that execute as untiring hirelings for their fragile living creature and-blood aces. They do clothing, drive children to class, cook meals, give out pharmaceuticals, keep pacemakers in order, and do everything as proficiently and emotionlessly as machines. Or then again isn't that right? In the bustling Hawkins family, Joe has willingly volunteered buy Anita while spouse Laura is away. At to begin with, Anita is by all accounts the response to the family's supplications. Be that as it may, soon, Laura and Joe understand that Anita's quality has broad results none of them at any point considered, especially regarding the three Hawkins kids.

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Drama | Views: 1053 | Downloads: 0 | Date: 2018-04-28

BattleBots Season 3 download torrent Production years : 2018
Quality: N/A
IMDb: 7.9/10

BattleBots, a reclamation of the principal Comedy Central course of action of a comparable title, is a resistance including epic battles to the death between remote-controlled robots. Encouraged by Molly McGrath, it has eight rounds of battles between "Bots" laid out and created by bunches made of makers going from scientists and engineers to young people and jacks of all trades. The machines clash in three-minute matches, in the midst of which they ought to incapacitate or absolutely destroy the other in a risk filled field to continue with the opposition. The judges, including experienced contender Fon Davis, NASA space explorer Leland Melvin, and Jessica Chobot of Nerdist, make sense of who wins the round if there's no sensible victor. 

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Drama | Views: 600 | Downloads: 0 | Date: 2018-04-28

UnREAL Season 3 download torrent Production years : 2018
Quality: HDTV
IMDb: 7.9/10

What amount of "reality" really goes into making our way of life's most loved reality appears? Incredible is set against the scenery of an anecdotal Bachelor-style dating show called Everlasting, which includes the essential nice looking suitor and a cast of challengers we've all come to perceive: the great young lady, the boyish girl, the MILF, the reprobate. Stunning uncovered the way the show's staff plans and steers these individuals into making "great TV" by means of falsehood, control, and mind diversions. 

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Drama | Views: 884 | Downloads: 0 | Date: 2018-04-25

Legion Season 1 download torrent Production years : 2017
Quality: BluRay
IMDb: 8.4/10

In the science fiction show Legion, David Haller is a young fellow who's spent the majority of his life in a psychological foundation, told that the voices he hears in his mind are schizophrenia. Yet, regardless of what the specialists say, Haller can't shake the inclination there's more going ahead than just mind flights. When he gets furious, objects fly through the air and individuals get hurt. Furthermore, he speculates he's not by any means the only one with somewhat more than typical human capacities - kindred patient Syd Barrett likewise has an exceptional ability, one that needs to do with her scorn of being touched.

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Drama | Views: 410 | Downloads: 81 | Date: 2018-04-21

Grey's Anatomy  Season 14 download torrent Production years : 2018
Quality: WEB-DL
IMDb: 7.6/10

Dark's Anatomy is a healing center set dramedy that takes after the lives of five assistants as they change in accordance with their new surroundings at Seattle Grace Hospital. The arrangement's opening scene happens amid the unbalanced morning following a one-night remain between the show's namesake, Meredith Gray, and neurosurgeon Dr. Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd - who, for reasons unknown, additionally works at the doctor's facility. From that point, the story advances to incorporate different assistants, tenured specialists and the different patients they treat. 

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Drama | Views: 621 | Downloads: 0 | Date: 2018-04-21

Versailles Season 3 download torrent Production years : 2018
Quality: N/A
IMDb: 7.9/10

It is 1667. Louis XIV (George Blagden) has ruled since adolescence, guided by a Council of Ministers which was once driven by his mom. Be that as it may, with her demise has come a rebel against the lord by the nobles. Louis' reaction is to move his kingdom's energy situate from Paris to Versailles, the site of his dad's old chasing lodge. However, essentially moving in isn't sufficient. Louis arranges a gigantic reproduction of the zone, one that will require mind boggling exertion and labor. Then, as Louis edges to recover control over the nobles, interest flourishes, desire frequently wins, and savagery results as his kingdom develops and experiences harsh criticism in the meantime. 

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Drama | Views: 12075 | Downloads: 0 | Date: 2018-04-21

3% Season 2 download torrent Production years : 2018
Quality: N/A
IMDb: 7.6/10

The Netflix course of action 3% is a Brazilian awful spine chiller about a social affair of energetic adults attempting to survive a formal decision process with desires of moving to an unrivaled life. Michele Santana lives in the ghettos of a tragic São Paulo. Like other 20-year-olds, she should partake in the Process, a state-constrained plan of mental, physical, and energetic challenges that make sense of who gets the chance to live in the circumscribing advantaged society known as the OffShore.

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Drama | Views: 580 | Downloads: 0 | Date: 2018-04-21

The Walking Dead Season 8 download torrent Production years : 2017
Quality: HDTV
IMDb: 8.5/10

On television there's 1 show that eclipses the attempts of both film and television; 'The Walking Dead'. Presently the original programming flagship for its basic cable network AMC a few of those uninitiated from the likely to dismiss it's only one more zombie apocalypse version like heaps seen before. This announcement makes it fairly obvious that that individual hasn't seen one episode of this series or owns a complete lack of appreciation for that which represents excellence on tv...

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Drama | Views: 22395 | Downloads: 318 | Date: 2018-04-16

When Calls the Heart Season 5 download torrent Production years : 2018
Quality: HDTV
IMDb: 8.5/10

At the point when Calls the Heart is the account of Elizabeth Thatcher, a well-to-do individual from a high class Canadian family who deserts benefit for an unverifiable future as an instructor in a western mining town called Coal Valley. The town's inhabitants are recouping from a current mine catastrophe that murdered a large number of the men and left families without spouses and fathers, debilitating their extremely survival. Elizabeth discovers quick companions in dowagers Abigail Stanton and Cat Montgomery, who fall back on working the mines themselves to protect their families' fates. Be that as it may, her association with Constable Jack Thornton is less pure, given that he speculates Elizabeth's dad played a part in his task to Coal Valley. 

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Drama | Views: 1549 | Downloads: 0 | Date: 2018-04-16

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